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Team up with us!

We offers numerous business opportunities for Companies willing to promote our Products. Listed below are ways in which we can do business together. Please, contact us even if you feel that your type of business (or direction you would like to take with our product) does not fit into any category below. We would be happy to discuss any business idea you have in mind. For any kind of "partnership" inquiries, please write to
Wanted: Area Distributors/ ProxData Localization Program Partners
ProxData is looking for distributors in certain Countries (areas) of the world. Most of such areas have their own National Languages. It is our firm belief that offering a localized version of the Product that "speaks" local language is crucial to this product's success. The TR40xx Terminal has been designed for easy and fast localization. Absolutely all of its screens, messages and menus can be translated into any language of the world. We are looking for business partners that will help us perform localization and/or represent our Product in their Country. Depending on the business arrangement, some of our partners can become exclusive ProxData distributors in their Country (area). Under certain conditions, we will be able to enter into an OEM agreements including all of the customization options described in the OEMs welcome! section below
Attention Software Houses!

If you are a Software House carrying (your own) Time/ Attendance-related Software Product, then you can extend the scope of your services and customer reach by offering a "package" solution consisting of your Software Product and our TR40xx series Time Recorder.

We offer full software development support to the Companies willing to develop their own software for the TR40xx Terminals. Available development resources are posted in the Downloads Section and include sample communications software written in VB, its source code, and complete description of the TR40xx communications protocol. This will provide you with all the necessary reference to create your own software. Should you have any questions or problems, we will be happy to offer you free-of-charge consultations.

A business partnership like this can be treated as an OEM case with all customization options available (see below for OEM customization levels discussion).

OEM welcome!
Our OEM Clients can benefit from our ability to quickly deliver customized Terminal solutions. ProxData is a division of Giga-TMS, Inc.- the Company with extensive manufacturing capabilities and more then 10 years of experience in the OEM business. For your convenience, we offer 4 "customization steps" i.e. levels to which you can choose to alter our original Product in order to suit your OEM case. Every "next" level includes all options offered on the previous level:
Logo/Trademark. We offer custom LCD plate artwork option: your Company's name and/or the model number you will choose will appear on the TR40xx's LCD window. In addition, the TR40xx's firmware can be customized to display your Logo (or anything else you choose) at the machine's startup. All other hardware/software functions remain unchanged
Custom firmware features. The TR40xx's firmware is built around a neat event-driven real-time OS. A vast array of User-related functions can be customized or added. Should you be willing to carry a TR40xx with some unique features added, we will be happy to do this for you. Note: some limitations apply to the possible extent of customization
Custom I/O ports. The TR40xx has been designed as a flexible evolving platform. Its I/O circuitry resides on a separate I/O PCB (inside the base cover). Different combinations of serial I/O ports, digital I/O lines, etc... can be implemented just by redesigning the I/O PCB and its Connector Plate. Note: some limitations apply to the possible extent of customization

Full custom design. In case your objective cannot be met just by modifying one of our TR40xx series Terminals, we can develop entirely new Terminal solution (including custom housing, circuitry and firmware) according to your specifications. In order to reduce time-to-market, we may choose to use some "proven" building blocks already tested in our standard products. Such building blocks may include hardware solutions, existing PCBs, firmware libraries and/or elements of our real-time OS.


ProxData is a division of Giga-TMS, Inc.

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