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New TR4030 Time Recorder with Ethernet interface is in full production now!

New firmware V3.60 brings new features to the TR4020/TR4030 Terminals

Newly released firmware (V3.60) for the TR40xx Series Terminals features several enhancements frequently requested by our Customers in the past:

-Extended shift code length of up to 8 characters

-Selectable keypad function: for shift entry, for ID-code entry, or locked

-Selectable file extension for the data file saved to the floppy disk (DAT/DOC/TXT)

-Selectable option to reject duplicate records entered within 1 minute of the original record entry

-Support for Alphanumeric (not just numeric) ID-codes in the Barcode version of the TR40xx

-Support for Serial Printer. You can now connect a Serial Printer to the Scanner port of the TR40xx and have a hardcopy of every record

-Date display format selection- you can now choose the DD-MM-YYYY or MM-DD-YYYY format

-In addition, Traditional Chinese Version of the TR40xx firmware is now available.

New firmware version can be downloaded  here>>>

TR4020/4030 Control Center for Windows now available

New TR4020/4030 Control Center for Windows supports both TR4020 Time Recorders with RS232 interface, and the new TR4030 Time Recorder with Ethernet interface. This intuitive and easy-to-use software can be downloaded from our website.  Read more...

TR4000 time recorder

ProxData is a division of Giga-TMS, Inc. specializing in high-end Time Recorders (Time and Attendance Terminals).

Our Product line currently consists of TR4020 and TR4030 online Time Recorders with built-in Floppy Disk Drive. Both models can be used as offline, as well as online Terminals. 

Offline, the TR40xx accumulates the Time and Attendance data into its internal non-volatile memory. Later, the data can be copied onto a standard 3.5" Floppy Disk, then opened and viewed on any PC.

Online, the TR40xx can be accessed remotely via its communications ports: RS232 for the TR4020, and Ethernet (TCP/IP) for the TR4030.

The TR400xx series Time Recorders have many fine points. Large graphic LCD and the ability to display massages in different languages are just some of their important features. Learn more here...
For more products information please go to 


ProxData is a division of Giga-TMS, Inc.

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