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March, 1 2001. New TR4030 Time Recorder with built-in Ethernet port sampling now

ProxData today announces a release of the newest member of its TR4000 family of Time Recorders- the TR4030 Time Recorder with built-in Ethernet port (UTP type). The TR4030 can be placed directly on a regular Local Area Network (LAN) in your office, along with your PCs, printers and other networked stuff. The TR4030 uses a standard TCP/IP* communications protocol which powers most of the LANs and the Internet. Hence, you can access the TR4030 from any PC on your LAN, or even the world**.

Because the TR4030 has the Slave RS232 port just like the TR4020 does, a daisy-chain network of TR4020s can be attached to a single TR4030 Terminal which, in this case, effectively plays a role of a LAN-to-RS232 gateway. Thus, with the addition of the TR4030, the number of possible network configurations for the TR40xx Terminals has been increased and now includes:

TR4020-only topology: all Terminals are interconnected using an RS232 daisy-chain network and are controlled from your PC's COM port

TR4030-only topology: all Terminals are placed directly on your LAN***

Mixed TR4020+TR4030 topology: one (or several) TR4030s placed on your LAN, more TR4020s attached to each TR4030

* The TR4030 uses UDP datagrams for communications. UDP is a standard part of the TCP/IP protocol stack.

** Your LAN must be configured for remote access via Internet. One unique  IP address required per each TR4030.

*** One IP-address required per each TR4030

March, 1 2001. TR4020/4030 Control Center for Windows now available

Download TR4020/4030 Control Center Now!

The TR4020/4030 Control Center for Windows allows you to remotely access and control both the TR4020 Time Recorder with RS232 interface and the new TR4030 Time Recorder with Ethernet interface. The latter is done via a standard TCP/IP communications protocol- an industry standard for the Local Area Networks (LANs) and the Internet.

The software is based on the TR4020/30's self-discovery protocol. "Self-discovery" means that the software can automatically find out which programmable features (Items) are supported by selected Terminal. Thus, the software is inherently ready for the future Terminal firmware releases and extensions!

The Control Center  is extremely easy and intuitive to use. When, you select the Terminal from the list [1], all available programmable Items of this Terminal are listed in a table [2].  The meaning of each Item is dynamically displayed below the table [3] as you scroll up and down the Item list. To change any Item, you simple double-click the corresponding row, edit the Item [4], then press OK.

Time & Attendance data upload is also easy- just click on the Upload button [5] and choose the filename.

The TR4020/30 Control Center can be downloaded free of charge from our website. Download...


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