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The TR4020 and TR4030 are online Time Recorders with built-in Floppy Disk Drive. Both models can be used as offline, as well as online Terminals. 

Offline, the TR40xx accumulates the Time and Attendance data into its internal non-volatile memory. Later, the data can be copied onto a standard 3.5" Floppy Disk, then opened and viewed on any PC.

Online, the TR40xx can be accessed remotely via its communications ports: RS232 for the TR4020, and Ethernet (UTP) for the TR4030.

The TR400xx series Time Recorders have many fine points. Large graphic LCD and the ability to display massages in different languages are just some of their important features

Main Features

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Online communications capability. Both TR4020 and the TR4030 support online communications: TR4020- through RS232 ports, TR4030- through Ethernet port (UTP)

Get an actual TR4000 data file sample

Built-in 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive. The data is saved to disk in a popular delimited text format. This kind of data can be directly processed by Microsoft Excel, Access and other communications packages.
Scanner port. Auxiliary reader (scanner) can be connected via RS232 port.

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Large high-contrast graphic LCD.  In the Normal ("User") mode of operation, it shows time, date, Event Menu (In, Out, Break, etc? and shift number.

Programming Mode features on-screen, user-friendly, menu-driven interface that greatly simplifies machine setup.

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Multi-language support: all screens, menus and messages can be translated into any language. This also includes Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages.
512K of non-volatile (FLASH) data memory can store app. 12000 Time/Attendance records (actual capacity depends on the language version of the Product))
Internal RFID (125KHz), Magnetic Card (Track II) or Bar-code (Code 39) Reader (Visible or Infrared).
Programmable bell (ring) and "default event" schedules. Two high-power relays for an external bell and optional electric lock control
Internal UPS battery for up to 8 hours of non-stop operation in the absence of power
Wall-mount or desktop operation- rotating base cover provides convenient viewing angle in both configurations
Click here to visit Downloads Section Application Download Port (ADP) allows for quick firmware upgrades. The most recent firmware version as well as accompanying documentation are available for download from this Web site
Advantages of a "Floppy" Time Recorder

Cut installation costs

Indeed, the major portion of all online Time Recorder installation expenses come from the need to perform some wiring, make a connection to the PC, install communications software, etc. In case you are not using the TR40xx online communications, the installation is really simple: just plug in the power cord! 

Cut maintenance costs

Our experience with online systems shows that no matter how well an installation has been performed, some running troubles will promptly develop sooner or later. As with any wiring, there are numerous reasons why things can go wrong: from purely mechanical (rats did away with my cable!) to software-induced (I have installed this new software and now my Time Recorder communications is down!). This won't be the case with a Floppy Disk!

Process anywhere

Despite all modern hype about "online lifestyle", communications in general and Internet in particular remain subject to availability and downtimes, need some experience to setup and are far from being as reliable and widespread as the media likes to picture it. The best proof to this statement is the fact that all PC vendors are still promptly installing a Floppy Disk Drive into every PC they sell. This is because despite a rapid advancement in storage and communications technologies, the Floppy Disk remains the most widely accepted and popular data exchange media. Think about it: you can access the TR40xx's data using any PC, in any location, all without any wiring or special communications software!

Install anywhere

No communication cables means that you can move your TR40xx easily and install it anywhere.  You can now quickly arrange for a temporary installation (construction site, real-estate sales office, etc.)- all without the need for any kind of wiring!
Use Floppies when the network is down All networks experience downtimes. With the TR40xx, you always have a "backup" solution: just save the data onto a Floppy!
Ordering information:

TR40XX-YD, where...

   XX- interface type:

      "20": Online Time Recorder with RS232 interface

      "30". Online Time Recorder with Ethernet interface

   Y- internal reader type

      "R": 125K RFID

      "M": Magnetic

      "B": Visible Barcode

      "F": Infrared Barcode

Example: TR4030-RD: online Time Recorder with Ethernet interface and RFID reader


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